Percussion in the sociocultural context of Brazilian music


During my academic studies I specialised in Brazilian rhythms for the drum set and wrote a degree dissertation entitled ‘The drum set in the context of Brazilian music’. I continued this work, incorporating field research begun in Brazil in 2009 as part of an exchange program at my University. The final results are presented in a Book with the German title 'Brasilianische Grooves', which I completed for the College of Music Dresden in the Department of Musicology. The book in German language can be ordered here.


In Music Practices Across Borders – an anthology of articles which was published by Transcript (Bielefeld) in collaboration with the Institute for Sociology of the University of Duisburg-Essen – I presented together with my colleague Chico Santana from São Paulo a method for analysing the musical differences between Brazilian and German percussion groups playing samba rhythms. We aim to ascertain what kinds of musical macro- and microstructures are subsumed under the term samba and how these structures differ in Germany and Brazil. The method is based on a model that connects musical performance forms with the concept of transcultural identity. The Book can be ordered here.

Below you find a playlist of videos from my fieldresearch in Brazil: