Percussion in the sociocultural context of Brazilian music


During my academic studies I specialised in Brazilian rhythms for the drum set and wrote a degree dissertation entitled ‘The drum set in the context of Brazilian music’. I continued this work, incorporating field research begun in Brazil in 2009 as part of an exchange program at my University. The final results are presented in a Book with the German title 'Brasilianische Grooves', which I completed for the College of Music Dresden in the Department of Musicology. The book in German language can be ordered here.

The motivation for this project came from my experiences in Brazil, where I was confronted with social problems and poverty on the one hand and a rich musical culture on the other. The prognoses saying that Brazil will rise up economically to be among the five most powerful nations in the world poses the following question: What will happen to Brazil’s folkloristic musical culture during the country’s development into a western-oriented industrial nation?

Economic mechanisms also interfere with creative musical and social processes in Germany. As a musician and pedagogue, I feel a kind of responsibility to communicate and publicise these interferences which sometimes give rise to injustice. Against this background, I will apply my scientific findings in social projects and publications that are not only of interest to musicians and scientists.

Here are some Videos from my fieldresearch in Brazil: